Road Trip to Wellness

Episode 4: Creating Healthy Business Strategies & Cultivating Community Connections with Sherrita Niles

July 14, 2020

Meet Sherrita Niles!, the "Creative Strategist" & mastermind behind iN-Connection Strategies, A For All Creative Purposes Company. She is passionate about assisting small women owned businesses reach their full potential, and uses her fresh, creative strategies in overcoming challenges related to maximizing opportunity. Her client base are those wanting to grow their business and leads them to identifying, building and cultivating their community network, ultimately establishing strong partnerships, collaborations and credibility. 

In this episode of Road Trip to Wellness - The Podcast, we'll discuss the nuts and bolts of how new businesses can create healthy business strategies, all while cultivating and nurturing lasting community connections. A serial entrepreneur, she has encountered many of the bumps and bruises business owners undergo. With over 20 years experience in customer care, nonprofit and organizational administration and event & project management, Sherrita Niles gives listeners great insight into some of the healthiest business strategies for surviving in tough times. 

As an artist and creator of many things she finds the happy medium between what you need to do and what will get the greatest attention from your consumers/clients, partners and collaborators.  She doesn't simply offer you a solution, she offers you an opportunity to experience the win!

Find Sherrita on social media: 

Instagram: @getinconnection

Facebook: For All Creative Purposes


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