Road Trip to Wellness

Episode 6: Elevate Your Wellness with Wellness-Focused Interior Design featuring Tamara Blanchard

August 31, 2020

Hey friends! Welcome to Road Trip to Wellness! 

In this episode we talk about how to elevate your wellness and hold space for your healing in your home.

Meet my friend and interior designer, Tamara Blanchard! She talks all things WELLNESS FOCUSED DESIGN with us today and shares the profound benefits when we incorporate design elements into our home that helps us to feel our best and even save us money! You'll hear about: 

-Wellness Focused Design elements

- How design elements like lighting, flooring, air quality, and nature can

       *elevate your mood

       *improve the quality of your sleep

       *have positive effects on depression, and anxiety disorders. 

       *save you money while protecting and caring for the environment

Tamara is a well-known hair stylist, caterer and now Interior Designer and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her 8 year-old daughter. Her goal is to create beautifully designs with a healthy balance of high and low end pieces so her clients get exactly what they want. 

Interested clients can connect with Tamara Blanchard at or on Facebook. 

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