Road Trip to Wellness

Episode 7: Maternal Child Health & Navigating New Motherhood with Shelby Royster

September 15, 2020

NEW EPISODE 6 |  Road Trip to Wellness Podcast!⁠

Shelby Royster started her wellness journey in culinary school where she quickly grew her passion for healthy lifestyles. She has encountered many twists and turns on her Road Trip to Wellness. She is Vegan, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and has worked in non-profit spaces where she advocates for health equity. All of this has led her to what she feels is the most important part of her journey, Motherhood. ⁠

As a new mom, Shelby is passionate about giving her baby girl the best, while helping to educate other Black women on how to do the same. She is currently pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management, which she plans to use to help her reach more Women of Color, teaching them to advocate for themselves in spaces that have infamously diminished their voices.⁠

Shelby is a powerful voice in the health space and she is now using that voice as a black woman and mother!

Disclaimer: this is a LONG episode...but definitely worth the listen!

Connect with Shelby ⁠
IG: @shelbydroyster

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