Road Trip to Wellness

Episode 3: Nutrition Conversation with Colleen Rocap

June 15, 2020

Hi and welcome!

Road Trip to Wellness- The Podcast is back! And we are starting off this new season with Founder Rona Dixon, as she joins in conversation with the SALUBRIOUS lifestyle princess- Colleen Rocap! As a Certified Health Coach, Vegan Nutritionist and Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Educator (and SO MUCH MORE), Colleen enthusiastically educates vulnerable communities and individuals looking to adopt healthier lifestyles and encourages the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle to help combat chronic disease. Colleen is well-known in the Indianapolis, Indiana VEGAN food scene for her creative and vibrant nutrition infographics and on social media for her simple and tasty vegan food hacks.

Colleen created Salubrious Life, a website dedicated to educating individuals seeking to optimize their lives through a Whole-Food, Plant-Based lifestyle. Her informative website serves as a hub of information to help anyone get started without all the hassle! 

In this episode, we talk all things Food & Nutrition including:

Choosing and navigating your best food lifestyle

The stigma associated with healthy eating and “food shaming”

Sustainable nutrition practices during a crisis and beyond

How food affects your health and how it negatively impacts chronic health conditions

Filling in the nutrition gap in your community   AND

Creative nutrition education and informative for your community!

Every bite presents an opportunity for your health and Collen can get you there! This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Connect with Colleen on:

Instagram @colleeneatsplants 

Website: (Direct message her through the contact box at the bottom of the front page) 


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