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Spiritual Wellness: Alignment + Scripture + Wholeness = Healing with Tolvi Patterson | Founder, Authentic Movement

November 2, 2020

Have I got a word for you on today! It's Episode 9 of The Road Trip to Wellness Podcast!

We getting a little bible study, Sunday school and church in this episode ya'll so get ready! I sit down with my good friend Mr. Tolvi R. Patterson, of Authentic Movement for a deep conversation that has been burning on my heart for so long. I was raised in the church and share the gift of teaching much like my grandfather, a church elder, my father and his brothers (mostly all ministers), but spent the majority of my life bewildered and stifled by the rules of "religion". My spiritual journey has created an overflow of questions that have followed me my entire life and I get greater understanding and many of those questions clarified in this episode! HALLELUJAH!

@mr_authenticity patiently breaks down my questions, thoughts and ideas and affirms them with biblical scripture, gentle wisdom and common sense. He teaches us:

  • Down to earth principles for living a "spiritually well" life 
  • About the "still small voice" of God and how to hear it.
  • How living a spiritual well or "Godly" lifestyle is available to everyone not just "religious" people. 

As a teacher, he genuinely focuses on helping people from all walks of life capture their authenticity, embrace who they are now, and create a vision rooted in movement for their future. Mr. Patterson is the founder of Authentic Movement, an ordained minister, mentor, coach, public speaker, strategic consultant, and leader within his community. I'm so grateful to get to share him with you! 


Song credit: Apart by Gene Moore


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Tolvi R. Patterson is a proud native of Philadelphia, PA. "Dr. P", as he is affectionately called by friends and family, has a tremendous passion for people and focuses his attention on the growth, development and advancement of those that he serves. @mr_authenticity is graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where he studied Leadership & Sociology and holds a Master’s Degree from Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech) in Organizational Leadership.


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