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UNZIPPED | Art, Empowerment, Erotica! presented by Cocoa_erotica

UNZIPPED | Art, Empowerment, Erotica! presented by Cocoa_erotica

September 26, 2021

UNZIPPED | Art, Empowerment, Erotica! presented by @cocoa_erotica

Recorded September 25, 2021 @ 8pm

Our first LIVEstream and I'm so excited about it! This event was everything I could have wanted for my first time LIVE! and BABYYYYY! It was litty LOL... During this LIVE you'll hear healthy conversation, chatter and discussion as we paint, and get sexually #UZIPPED and educated.  Please keep a healthy and open mind for us. 

Bringing you the first of a four (4) part series, UnZipped | Art, Empowerment, Erotica Paint Party, was powered by Cocoa_erotica and dedicated to #blklove #blkintimacy. The love child of Art & Sexual Therapy.  Sherrita Niles, creator of the cocoa_erotica movement designed UNZIPPED to eliminate the stigma of black sexuality. At UNZIPPED, you are being handed the keys to your sexual freedom. Allowing you to unlock your ability to explore from a place of dignity and empowerment. UNZIPPED is going deeper than being naked or nasty. This is all about intimately connecting and authentic love. We're taking it all off! NOT YA CLOTHES but the fear shame and judgement that's attached to women expressing their sexuality. 

Listen in on conversation with vendors and guests to educate yourself on local sexy and empowering products and services. You'll hear us discuss our paintings (guess what we painted!!), and hear healthy and intimate discussions related to sexual freedom, self-pleasure, sensory deprivation sex, how to communicate your sexual needs and SO MUCH MORE!

Enjoy this sexy 2 hour LIVESTREAM with Rona and @roadtrip2wellness! UNZIPPED wants you to see how far your imagination can go!


Follow Cocoa_erotica for future events and information! 

Instagram: @cocoa_erotica or @plum_virtu

Dangerously Addictive Perspectives




Sep 16, 2021 18:16 Anytime Rejuvenation

Sep 16, 2021 18:16 Anytime Rejuvenation

September 21, 2021

Anytime your feeling stuck or blocked, this will help to get you rejuvenated! Enjoy and BE WELL!


Creating Consistency in Your Spiritual Practice Using the Psalms

Creating Consistency in Your Spiritual Practice Using the Psalms

September 15, 2021

Having a consistent, daily, spiritual practice has been so rewarding for me, although it hasn't been easy and I don't always hit it just right. Life happens! 


In this episode, Road Trip to Wellness, Creator, Rona Dixon, discusses the reasons and benefits of having a consistent spiritual ritual, practice or devotion time, ways you can begin and other tools to amplify the energy and vibrations when you practice. There is no right or wrong way! This is personal to each and every one person. 


I decided to start making the Psalms a aprt of my daily practice when I received the book Powers of the Psalms by Anna Riva as a gift from a dear friend. This books shows 375 to use the Psalms to for love, power, revenge, success, blessings, protection and much more! I love this book so much, and I explain why so listen, subscribe and share!


Share with us any new ideas and suggestions for our consistent spiritual practice! Email: or connect with us on Instagram @roadtrip2wellness



The Natural Wellness Academy 

Take your wellness to the next level with the Natural Wellness Academy (featured in Episode 17)! 

Coaching certifications for: Holistic Health & Life Coaching, Spiritual Wellness Specialist, Cannabis Coach, and more! Share that you heard about here it at Road Trip to Wellness!


Be well! 

xoxo- Rona


Guest Dr. LindaJoy Rose, Natural Wellness Academy | Understanding Hynosis, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

Guest Dr. LindaJoy Rose, Natural Wellness Academy | Understanding Hynosis, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

August 25, 2021

LindaJoy Rose, PhD is a therapist, author, professional speaker, international trainer, and Academy founder with over 25 years of experience. The author of eight books, she was a regular Healthy Living contributor to The Huffington Post and has frequently starred as a Healthy Living Expert on and Tampa NBC affiliate Daytime TV. As a former Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she is a pioneer in subconscious dynamics and clinical hypnotherapy worldwide.. She also spearheaded a healthy lifestyle retraining program with an Astra-Zeneca Foundation grant at one of the nation’s largest clinics.

Dr. Rose developed her practical and delicious eating philosophy to overcome a debilitating auto-immune disorder, which she combined with her background in psychology to launch the Academy's coaching program. "From training therapists internationally in the fields of psychology and hypnotherapy to being an online mentor for two West Coast Universities, to founding the Natural Wellness Academy, teaching has always been my passion. I enjoy nothing more than informing and inspiring prospective coaches and therapists."  She resides in Tampa, Florida and currently working on her 9th book – this time a metaphysical, historical novel.


In this episode of the RTTW Podcast, we explore to understand Subconcious Dynamics, Hynosis & Hypnotherapy and it's role in Past Life Regression work. 

Subconscious dynamics are simple procedures designed to communicate in ways that enhance your chances for getting more positive and permanent results, directly to the deeper recesses of your mind.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: essentially tells your consciousness to take a backseat and lets you turn your attention inward to that deeper sense of the unconscious self, temporarily suspending the mind's critical faculties. Just like how you can zone out and daydream without actually seeing what’s going on, hypnosis allows you to direct your thoughts without actually engaging your mind. 

Past life regression is a technique that attempts to use hypnosis in order to recover memories from previous lives.


Check out the Natural Wellness Academy and the wonderful courses offered at:

Here is the link to Dr. LJ's Book, Your Mind: The Owner's Manual

Natural Beauty: Plant-Based Skin & Body Care with Tiffany Bailey | Master Herbalist & Licensed Aesthetician

Natural Beauty: Plant-Based Skin & Body Care with Tiffany Bailey | Master Herbalist & Licensed Aesthetician

June 5, 2021

2019 was the starting point of me paying greater attention to my skin and body care routine. I made the vow to begin using ONLY (or as much as absolutely possible) natural body and skin care products. The previous summer, I attended the One Music Festival in Atlanta and found an amazing vendor that made and sold natural products. I purchased a black tea facial scrub that changed my skin so drastically, I knew I had to continue this routine. My face and skin was noticebly brighter, clearer and my skin tone more even. I mean, it LOOKED super healthy. As I continued deeper into my new routine during 2019, I didn't opt for just "all-natural", I went mostly for PLANT-BASED products- or products that are "clean", easily accessible and sometimes "edible". Here we are in 2021, and my skin is looking better than ever and my body and haircare are also all nearly plant-based and all natural.  

My guest today: Tiffany Bailey is a Master Herbalist and Licensed Aesthetician and creator of Ain't That Sumthin Skincare in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her mobile skincare and beauty services held steady even during COVID-19, providing self-care to many just needing to ground, relax and reconnect with themselves. Tiffany's work as a Master Herbalist shows up in her products, as she relies on native plants, herbs and roots found in your own backyard. She healed her own sensitive skin through the use of plant-based products and created her own line Ain't That Sumthin' Skincare. 

In this epidose we discuss: 


Ingredients: read the label!

Tiffany's favorite Herbs

Top 3 herbs (they are usually just outside!)

Vaseline! LOL

Enjoy this episode and support local no matter where you are! Help our communities to thrive!

Connect with Tiffany Bailey & ATSSkincare here:






Using Meditation, Crystals & Spirituality to Enhance, Empower & Enlighten Your Self-Love Journey | Guest: Sherry Asuncion-Matthews

Using Meditation, Crystals & Spirituality to Enhance, Empower & Enlighten Your Self-Love Journey | Guest: Sherry Asuncion-Matthews

May 22, 2021

I am so excited to talk about meditation & crystals and other spititual tools to enhance, empower and enlighten your spiritual and healing journey. We are talking today with MIndfulness & Meditation Expert, Reiki II & Theta Practitioner, Sound Healer and co-owner of the Enlightened Meditation Studio in San Jose, California,  Sherry Matthews!

This was such a soulful talk and Sherry is so chillcool and knowledgable! I mean seriously, she is just a beautiful soul. Please connect with her on these platforms and don't miss her Wednesday night or Sunday morning IG Live's happening @resilientgemz. I call it Crystal QVC and it is amazing so join her on Instagram @resilientgemz and get in on the fun! You can also find Sherry for: 

Health coaching

     Instagram: @resilienthealthcoach


    Facebook: Resilient Health 


    IG: @resilientgemz 



"Be in the present moment & remember to practie self-love, ALWAYS".    ~ Sherry Matthews


See ya next time (muah!)





Healthy Mindset & Relationship Approaches + the Art of the Apology | Guest Missy Ammerman, Therapist, Life & Mindset Coach

Healthy Mindset & Relationship Approaches + the Art of the Apology | Guest Missy Ammerman, Therapist, Life & Mindset Coach

April 28, 2021

Connect with today's guest!

Missy Ammerman, LCSW


IG: @missywardammerman

Happy spring folks! It was a long, cold winter and it's time to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. Winter is typically a time for many to go inward, re-evaluate and reflect. To our surprise, 2020 also had us adapting to many unexpected and new normals. I felt all this too, and the time I took was reflective and introspective. RELATIONSHIPS- current and past -seemed to keep coming up and I had to evaluate my part in them all. The good, the bad and yes...the ugly. And for some of my relationships- there was a need to apologize, whethere I felt I was wrong or not...I just felt the need. 

As we process these thoughts and emotions, it can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling anxious and unsure. So to help us understand things a little better, I called on Missy Ammerman-LCSW, to help me sort through some emotions related to my current and past relationships and how I was approaching and/or showing up for them. Missy's services at her practice in Lexington, Kentucky, include a hybrid of therapy and coaching to help men and women struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship issues identify roadblocks and address issues that are keeping them feeling stuck. Hallelujah! Bingo! YES! This is what we need ya'll (see how I love you??)!

Grab a note pad and pen and hear Missy's advice on: 

- Your MINDSET and how to move through roadblocks, anxiety and other uncertainties.

- Overcoming isolation anxieties and "analysis paralysis" . 

- How to use healthy and effective communication approaches in your relationships

- and Mastering the ART of the APOLOGY

I needed ALL of this and although you can't see me during this episode, you'll probably hear the tears and emotion in my voice. This self-work is hard! But I see and feel every one of you doing your best to be better to yourselves so you can pour into and be better to others. 

Take a deep breath and listen to this episode. And's ok.  

You are ok. We are OK. 

I love you.


P.S. Enjoy the bit of healthy humor at the beginning of the episode:) My editing skills/tools are NOT working together today!   ..... (Update FIXED IT!- I'ma one woman show folks lol:))

Let's connect! 





How Road Trip to Wellness Got Started | Interviewed by Sherrita Niles (In-Connection Strategies

How Road Trip to Wellness Got Started | Interviewed by Sherrita Niles (In-Connection Strategies

April 6, 2021

Welcome! Road Trip to Wellness is back for Season 2! 2020 was a total surprise to us all and we are learning how to navigate our lives in a new way. I am so happy to share so many new and exciting people, tools, services and information to assist you on your personal wellness journey! 


Why are we so quick to uplift and talk about other people reagarding their accomplishments and celebrations but have a hard time doing the same for ourselves? Well today... I'm talking all about me and Road Trip to Wellness! Listen as my friend Sherrita Niles (@in-connectionstrategies) chats it up with me about my journey and how I started Road Trip to Wellness! 



Spiritual Wellness: Alignment + Scripture + Wholeness = Healing with Tolvi Patterson | Founder, Authentic Movement

Spiritual Wellness: Alignment + Scripture + Wholeness = Healing with Tolvi Patterson | Founder, Authentic Movement

November 2, 2020

Have I got a word for you on today! It's Episode 9 of The Road Trip to Wellness Podcast!

We getting a little bible study, Sunday school and church in this episode ya'll so get ready! I sit down with my good friend Mr. Tolvi R. Patterson, of Authentic Movement for a deep conversation that has been burning on my heart for so long. I was raised in the church and share the gift of teaching much like my grandfather, a church elder, my father and his brothers (mostly all ministers), but spent the majority of my life bewildered and stifled by the rules of "religion". My spiritual journey has created an overflow of questions that have followed me my entire life and I get greater understanding and many of those questions clarified in this episode! HALLELUJAH!

@mr_authenticity patiently breaks down my questions, thoughts and ideas and affirms them with biblical scripture, gentle wisdom and common sense. He teaches us:

  • Down to earth principles for living a "spiritually well" life 
  • About the "still small voice" of God and how to hear it.
  • How living a spiritual well or "Godly" lifestyle is available to everyone not just "religious" people. 

As a teacher, he genuinely focuses on helping people from all walks of life capture their authenticity, embrace who they are now, and create a vision rooted in movement for their future. Mr. Patterson is the founder of Authentic Movement, an ordained minister, mentor, coach, public speaker, strategic consultant, and leader within his community. I'm so grateful to get to share him with you! 


Song credit: Apart by Gene Moore


Connect with Tolvi on social media :  Instagram: @mr_authenticity    |   Facebook: Tolvi Patterson 

Tolvi R. Patterson is a proud native of Philadelphia, PA. "Dr. P", as he is affectionately called by friends and family, has a tremendous passion for people and focuses his attention on the growth, development and advancement of those that he serves. @mr_authenticity is graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where he studied Leadership & Sociology and holds a Master’s Degree from Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech) in Organizational Leadership.


Want to work or connect with me? 

Email:  |  Instagram: @roadtrip2wellness  | Facebook: Road Trip to Wellness 



Yoga Journey’s with Fatimaeliza Gonzalez

Yoga Journey’s with Fatimaeliza Gonzalez

October 14, 2020

Hi Everyone!

On this Episode 8 of the Road Trip to Wellness Podcast, I give to you Fatimaeliza Gonzalez. Such a beautiful soul ya'll! Fatimaeliza is a fellow yogi and I'm so excited and honored to share her yoga journey with you! 

As you'll hear, I'm new to this yoga teacher thing. Watching Fatimaeliza flourish in her confidence and practice - I knew I absolutely had to know her and hear her story. 

Join me in also honoring Fatimaeliza and the generations of Hispanic Americans during this Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15). 

Enjoy this episode of the RTTW Podcast featuring the lovely Fatimaeliza Gonzalez! She's like an old friend you never want to leave:) 

Connect with Fatimaeliza for classes and inspiration : 

IG: @fagonzo_yogini_bear



Love ya'll so much! xoxoxo


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