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FREE Guided Relaxation Meditation

FREE Guided Relaxation Meditation

April 16, 2021

Enjoy this 7 minute guided meditation, available to you anytime, anywhere, as you navigate your Road Trip to Wellness. 

May you find freedom and stillness when you need it most. 




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Road Trip to Wellness

How Road Trip to Wellness Got Started | Interviewed by Sherrita Niles (In-Connection Strategies

How Road Trip to Wellness Got Started | Interviewed by Sherrita Niles (In-Connection Strategies

April 6, 2021

Welcome! Road Trip to Wellness is back for Season 2! 2020 was a total surprise to us all and we are learning how to navigate our lives in a new way. I am so happy to share so many new and exciting people, tools, services and information to assist you on your personal wellness journey! 


Why are we so quick to uplift and talk about other people reagarding their accomplishments and celebrations but have a hard time doing the same for ourselves? Well today... I'm talking all about me and Road Trip to Wellness! Listen as my friend Sherrita Niles (@in-connectionstrategies) chats it up with me about my journey and how I started Road Trip to Wellness! 



Spiritual Wellness: Alignment + Scripture + Wholeness = Healing with Tolvi Patterson | Founder, Authentic Movement

Spiritual Wellness: Alignment + Scripture + Wholeness = Healing with Tolvi Patterson | Founder, Authentic Movement

November 2, 2020

Have I got a word for you on today! It's Episode 9 of The Road Trip to Wellness Podcast!

We getting a little bible study, Sunday school and church in this episode ya'll so get ready! I sit down with my good friend Mr. Tolvi R. Patterson, of Authentic Movement for a deep conversation that has been burning on my heart for so long. I was raised in the church and share the gift of teaching much like my grandfather, a church elder, my father and his brothers (mostly all ministers), but spent the majority of my life bewildered and stifled by the rules of "religion". My spiritual journey has created an overflow of questions that have followed me my entire life and I get greater understanding and many of those questions clarified in this episode! HALLELUJAH!

@mr_authenticity patiently breaks down my questions, thoughts and ideas and affirms them with biblical scripture, gentle wisdom and common sense. He teaches us:

  • Down to earth principles for living a "spiritually well" life 
  • About the "still small voice" of God and how to hear it.
  • How living a spiritual well or "Godly" lifestyle is available to everyone not just "religious" people. 

As a teacher, he genuinely focuses on helping people from all walks of life capture their authenticity, embrace who they are now, and create a vision rooted in movement for their future. Mr. Patterson is the founder of Authentic Movement, an ordained minister, mentor, coach, public speaker, strategic consultant, and leader within his community. I'm so grateful to get to share him with you! 


Song credit: Apart by Gene Moore


Connect with Tolvi on social media :  Instagram: @mr_authenticity    |   Facebook: Tolvi Patterson 

Tolvi R. Patterson is a proud native of Philadelphia, PA. "Dr. P", as he is affectionately called by friends and family, has a tremendous passion for people and focuses his attention on the growth, development and advancement of those that he serves. @mr_authenticity is graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where he studied Leadership & Sociology and holds a Master’s Degree from Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech) in Organizational Leadership.


Want to work or connect with me? 

Email:  |  Instagram: @roadtrip2wellness  | Facebook: Road Trip to Wellness 



Yoga Journey’s with Fatimaeliza Gonzalez

Yoga Journey’s with Fatimaeliza Gonzalez

October 14, 2020

Hi Everyone!

On this Episode 8 of the Road Trip to Wellness Podcast, I give to you Fatimaeliza Gonzalez. Such a beautiful soul ya'll! Fatimaeliza is a fellow yogi and I'm so excited and honored to share her yoga journey with you! 

As you'll hear, I'm new to this yoga teacher thing. Watching Fatimaeliza flourish in her confidence and practice - I knew I absolutely had to know her and hear her story. 

Join me in also honoring Fatimaeliza and the generations of Hispanic Americans during this Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15). 

Enjoy this episode of the RTTW Podcast featuring the lovely Fatimaeliza Gonzalez! She's like an old friend you never want to leave:) 

Connect with Fatimaeliza for classes and inspiration : 

IG: @fagonzo_yogini_bear



Love ya'll so much! xoxoxo


Episode 7: Maternal Child Health & Navigating New Motherhood with Shelby Royster

Episode 7: Maternal Child Health & Navigating New Motherhood with Shelby Royster

September 15, 2020

NEW EPISODE 6 |  Road Trip to Wellness Podcast!⁠

Shelby Royster started her wellness journey in culinary school where she quickly grew her passion for healthy lifestyles. She has encountered many twists and turns on her Road Trip to Wellness. She is Vegan, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and has worked in non-profit spaces where she advocates for health equity. All of this has led her to what she feels is the most important part of her journey, Motherhood. ⁠

As a new mom, Shelby is passionate about giving her baby girl the best, while helping to educate other Black women on how to do the same. She is currently pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management, which she plans to use to help her reach more Women of Color, teaching them to advocate for themselves in spaces that have infamously diminished their voices.⁠

Shelby is a powerful voice in the health space and she is now using that voice as a black woman and mother!

Disclaimer: this is a LONG episode...but definitely worth the listen!

Connect with Shelby ⁠
IG: @shelbydroyster

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Episode 6: Elevate Your Wellness with Wellness-Focused Interior Design featuring Tamara Blanchard

Episode 6: Elevate Your Wellness with Wellness-Focused Interior Design featuring Tamara Blanchard

August 31, 2020

Hey friends! Welcome to Road Trip to Wellness! 

In this episode we talk about how to elevate your wellness and hold space for your healing in your home.

Meet my friend and interior designer, Tamara Blanchard! She talks all things WELLNESS FOCUSED DESIGN with us today and shares the profound benefits when we incorporate design elements into our home that helps us to feel our best and even save us money! You'll hear about: 

-Wellness Focused Design elements

- How design elements like lighting, flooring, air quality, and nature can

       *elevate your mood

       *improve the quality of your sleep

       *have positive effects on depression, and anxiety disorders. 

       *save you money while protecting and caring for the environment

Tamara is a well-known hair stylist, caterer and now Interior Designer and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her 8 year-old daughter. Her goal is to create beautifully designs with a healthy balance of high and low end pieces so her clients get exactly what they want. 

Interested clients can connect with Tamara Blanchard at or on Facebook. 

Find Road Trip to Wellness on Apple Podcast, GooglePlay and Spotify. 

Want to be a guest on Road Trip to Wellness or want to connect with Rona? Connect at and on Instagram at @roadtrip2wellness.


Episode 5: Self Care: Elevate your Wellness By Beautifying Your Space

Episode 5: Self Care: Elevate your Wellness By Beautifying Your Space

August 11, 2020

Welcome to Road Trip to Wellness! 

On this episode, I am excited to share about my personal journey to create a healthy and well home! With solely being at home due to the pandemic and now transitioning into working for myself from home, its especially essential to create a space that I love being in, provides the rest and peace I need so deeply these days and that makes me feel good! 

I'm lucky to have great friends like my friend Tamara , an amazing interior designer with an eye for color and who understands the multi-faceted needs of her client (ME!). We were able to bring in some great pieces that are functional, beautiful and did not break the bank! 

Items and stores I discuss: 

Macrame' and beaded plant holder:

Buddha Head Figurine:

Wood and Rattan Cabinet:

Teal Octagon Mirror:


Let's Connect:

Live and Be Well! 

Episode 4: Creating Healthy Business Strategies & Cultivating Community Connections with Sherrita Niles

Episode 4: Creating Healthy Business Strategies & Cultivating Community Connections with Sherrita Niles

July 14, 2020

Meet Sherrita Niles!, the "Creative Strategist" & mastermind behind iN-Connection Strategies, A For All Creative Purposes Company. She is passionate about assisting small women owned businesses reach their full potential, and uses her fresh, creative strategies in overcoming challenges related to maximizing opportunity. Her client base are those wanting to grow their business and leads them to identifying, building and cultivating their community network, ultimately establishing strong partnerships, collaborations and credibility. 

In this episode of Road Trip to Wellness - The Podcast, we'll discuss the nuts and bolts of how new businesses can create healthy business strategies, all while cultivating and nurturing lasting community connections. A serial entrepreneur, she has encountered many of the bumps and bruises business owners undergo. With over 20 years experience in customer care, nonprofit and organizational administration and event & project management, Sherrita Niles gives listeners great insight into some of the healthiest business strategies for surviving in tough times. 

As an artist and creator of many things she finds the happy medium between what you need to do and what will get the greatest attention from your consumers/clients, partners and collaborators.  She doesn't simply offer you a solution, she offers you an opportunity to experience the win!

Find Sherrita on social media: 

Instagram: @getinconnection

Facebook: For All Creative Purposes


Episode 3: Nutrition Conversation with Colleen Rocap

Episode 3: Nutrition Conversation with Colleen Rocap

June 15, 2020

Hi and welcome!

Road Trip to Wellness- The Podcast is back! And we are starting off this new season with Founder Rona Dixon, as she joins in conversation with the SALUBRIOUS lifestyle princess- Colleen Rocap! As a Certified Health Coach, Vegan Nutritionist and Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Educator (and SO MUCH MORE), Colleen enthusiastically educates vulnerable communities and individuals looking to adopt healthier lifestyles and encourages the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle to help combat chronic disease. Colleen is well-known in the Indianapolis, Indiana VEGAN food scene for her creative and vibrant nutrition infographics and on social media for her simple and tasty vegan food hacks.

Colleen created Salubrious Life, a website dedicated to educating individuals seeking to optimize their lives through a Whole-Food, Plant-Based lifestyle. Her informative website serves as a hub of information to help anyone get started without all the hassle! 

In this episode, we talk all things Food & Nutrition including:

Choosing and navigating your best food lifestyle

The stigma associated with healthy eating and “food shaming”

Sustainable nutrition practices during a crisis and beyond

How food affects your health and how it negatively impacts chronic health conditions

Filling in the nutrition gap in your community   AND

Creative nutrition education and informative for your community!

Every bite presents an opportunity for your health and Collen can get you there! This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Connect with Colleen on:

Instagram @colleeneatsplants 

Website: (Direct message her through the contact box at the bottom of the front page) 


Episode 2: Have MRCI (mercy) on Me
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