Road Trip to Wellness

Episode 5: Self Care: Elevate your Wellness By Beautifying Your Space

August 11, 2020

Welcome to Road Trip to Wellness! 

On this episode, I am excited to share about my personal journey to create a healthy and well home! With solely being at home due to the pandemic and now transitioning into working for myself from home, its especially essential to create a space that I love being in, provides the rest and peace I need so deeply these days and that makes me feel good! 

I'm lucky to have great friends like my friend Tamara , an amazing interior designer with an eye for color and who understands the multi-faceted needs of her client (ME!). We were able to bring in some great pieces that are functional, beautiful and did not break the bank! 

Items and stores I discuss: 

Macrame' and beaded plant holder:

Buddha Head Figurine:

Wood and Rattan Cabinet:

Teal Octagon Mirror:


Let's Connect:

Live and Be Well! 

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